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Hot Air Balloon Advertising

Unique . Engaging . Unforgettable 

Nothing can compare to the impact of balloon branding.

It doesn’t matter what age you are, seeing a hot air balloon floating in the sky never fails to create a stop and stare moment. The image of your brand becomes a permanent impression in the memory of everyone that sees it.

Imagine your brand reproduced in remarkable digital quality spanning an area of up to 3000 square feet on a standard hot air balloon. Your competition will be looking up at you!

Balloons can be packed away and transported easily throughout the UK, Europe and even the world, becoming a mobile flagship for your brand. With a surface area of more than 200 sheet posters and a lifespan of up to 10 years, a balloon has a CPM of up to 10 times less than any other traditional media type.

Hot air balloons create extremely high user generated content through their extraordinary ability to make people stop, stare and share. With unrivalled social media results balloons allow you to engage with existing followers as well as recruit new ones.

Think about how many eyes will see your brand during just one flight – according to some studies 63% of people who see a hot air balloon will share their image online. This costs you nothing extra, but generates you so much more publicity.

Balloon advertising is very cost effective and offer clients a level of diversity that is not apparent with conventional outside advertising methods.

Hot air balloon advertising provides you with a truly modern marketing tool. It also allows you to entertain in the ultimate style.

The team at Fly Away Ballooning can help devise, design and deliver your message with an unapparelled identity.

To find out how we can help your brand rise above the rest contact us on (+44) 07845 718040 or email info@flyawayballooning.com

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Why are hot air balloon rides so expensive?

Hot air balloon flights are quite expensive and this is due to the massive costs of purchasing the equipment and operating a hot air balloon company. The life of a balloon envelope is around 500 flights and they cost in the region of £40,000 for a small one. Hot air balloons are thirsty machines and require several crew members to operate. Being in the aviation industry hot air ballooning is highly regulated by the Civil Aviation Authority which also adds to the cost for the operator. However, Fly Away Ballooning now offer payments through Klarna helping to spread the costs of our hot air balloon flights.

Split the cost with Klarna

Paying for our hot air balloon flights through Klarna allows you to spread the cost over three months, interest free. At the present time Fly Away Ballooning are the only hot air balloon rides operator to offer this service.

To pay via Klarna go through our usual booking process and select Klarna at checkout. For an example of the breakdown our flight for two ticket is currently £299 in South Somerset would cost you £99.66 per month for three months. This works out at just £49.83 for three months per person. We hope this makes hot air ballooning affordable for all the enjoy.

We offer Klarna on all our tickets. Please click here for terms and conditions.

With Klarna you can purchase with confidence. Klarna is regulated by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority as well as complying with the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority rules.

Book Now!

Fly Away Ballooning

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Hot air balloon gift vouchers

Hot air balloon flights are the perfect gift for any occasion.

Not sure what to give that special someone for their Birthday, Anniversary, Christmas or similar? We make providing a personal gift an easy task. Fly Away Ballooning offer a number of Gift Vouchers from £50 to the price of a full ticket. These vouchers are valid for 12 months and can either be emailed over to you straight away or sent in the post the next day.

How it works?

Once the gift voucher is purchased we then send it either by email or post depending on your preference. This voucher will have a discount code on it which is valid for 12 months. The recipient then buys their hot air balloon flight ticket on our website entering this code at checkout which deducts the value on the gift voucher.

You can purchase a gift voucher here or please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Give the gift of flight.

Fly Away Ballooning

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How much is a hot air balloon ride UK?

The price of hot air balloon rides vary depending on whether you fly in the morning or the evening, weekday or weekend. Usually hot air balloon vouchers are valid for 12 months and are non refundable unless bought with a refund guarantee.  There are often different vouchers available some with added extras such as in flight photo’s and breakfast packages which cost slightly more. In 2020 the going rate is around £150 pp making it £300 for a couple and exclusive flights are around £700 – £800 depending on the number of guests.

Fly Away Ballooning offer two types of ballooning vouchers a flight for two which is a hot air balloon ride where you will be joined in our small Bath Gin branded balloon with another two like minded passengers. The other type of ticket we offer is a private flight which is just you and the pilot of course! These flights offer you a more bespoke ballooning experience for up to four guests.

It is tradition in ballooning to toast to the flight after landing, that is why all our flights include a post flight Gin & Tonic.

The price of our hot air balloon flights vary by location so please see our book tickets page to get the latest prices and to book onto your flight. If you would like to find out more about how it works click here. Fly Away Ballooning offer hot air balloon rides throughout the South West of England including Bristol and Bath.

We hope to share the skies with you soon!

Fly Away Ballooning

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About Hot Air Ballooning

The basics of flying a hot air balloon

Pilots do not steer hot air balloons in the same way you would steer a plane or a car. Hot air balloons are actually ‘lighter than air’ aircraft which means that they move with the wind. Like a bubble of detergent, balloons are carried by the wind and their direction is determined by the direction of airflow.

Most people are unaware that wind direction varies at different heights. The direction of the wind on the surface will not necessarily be the same as it is at say 1000 metres. By flying at different altitudes, the pilots can use different wind speeds and directions to manoeuvre the balloon to where they desire, often with extreme accuracy.

Prior to a flight, pilots will release small helium balloons to allow them to observe the wind’s direction and speed at different heights. This allows the pilots to determine the direction of flight and choose an appropriate upwind launch site based on where they would like to fly and land.

While in flight balloon pilots can control the altitude of the balloon very accurately with carefully timed blasts of the burners and, if experienced, can land within metres of their desired downwind target even if it is many kilometres away.

Ballooning technology

The fabric section of a hot air balloon is called the ‘envelope’. This is the part that most people call the balloon. It is generally made of nylon and is put together by sewing hundreds of specially cut panels together to give it the ‘tear drop’ shape. These panels are sewn to nylon load tapes that actually distribute the weight loading across the envelope so the actual load on the fabric is less than 0.5kg when flying .

LPG is used to generate heat in balloons . In ballooning circles we tend to use propane, the same gas as used in BBQ’s bottles. Autogas is an option although it tends to burn at somewhat lower pressure and is less clean. LPG is contained within the basket in 45L-62L stainless steel tanks similar in size to those seen on fork lifts.

The LPG burners are handmade from stainless steel and are designed to give maximum heat output for minimum noise. They sound like a fire-breathing dragon and can shoot flames up to 5 metres in length into the envelope .

To get lift and ‘take off’, the envelope is heated using propane burners to a temperature greater than the ambient temperature. This difference in temperature between the outside and inside of the ‘envelope’ allows the balloon to lift off the ground, just as warm smoke or embers rise from a fire. A basket full of people is quite heavy so the volume of the balloon will be based on how much weight needs to be lifted.

The balloon basket or ‘Gondola’ is made of cane or wicker. They are hand woven on to a stainless steel frame with stainless steel load bearing cables woven within the wicker to provide the strength to carry passengers and equipment.

Ballooning history

The first humans to ever successfully fly did so in a Hot Air Balloon. In 1783, two French brothers, Joseph and Etienne Montgolfier, sons of a paper manufacturer, built a balloon (named Montgolfier) out of paper and silk. On 21 November 1783, witnessed by a crowd of 400,000 people, two French noblemen, Jean-Francois Pilatre de Rozier and Marquis D’Arlandes, took to the skies above Paris in Montgolfier.

The balloon, 13 metres in diameter, was fuelled with burning wool and straw. The men stayed aloft for 23 minutes and travelled a distance of 8 kilometres, finally landing in a field outside Paris. These two men entered the history books as the first humans to fly.

With the invention of the Aeroplane in 1903, and as people became more interested in powered flight, balloons became a less popular form of aircraft.

It was not until the 1960s, with the invention of propane burners, that Hot Air Ballooning became a more practical form of aviation.

Modern hot air ballooning

Since the 1960s, many developments in technology, materials and equipment have allowed ballooning to become one of the safest forms of modern aviation. Even with all these developments, balloons still use the same principles as those adopted by the Montgolfier brothers, 200 years ago. As the name suggests, hot air balloons are able to fly because they are filled with hot air.

Would you like to fly? See our availability here.

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Hot air ballooning Henley-on-Thames

On Tuesday 20th April we flew our Bath Gin hot air balloon from the edge of Henley-on-Thames. Henley is a town on the River Thames in Oxfordshire set in beautiful countryside near London.

After an 1 hour and 20 minuets in the balloon heading North East from Henley-on-Thames we spotted Peppard Common. This is where we were aiming to land and as we got closer we could hear what sounded like hundreds of children screaming with joy. A few minuets later we noticed cones were laid out on the common  and we quickly realised that we were about to interrupt a PE lesson!

As we landed the kids were extremely excited but very well behaved. The teachers came out with cups of tea whilst we gave the children a basic lesson in hot air ballooning with the balloon still standing in the air behind us.

All the children were more than happy to help us squeeze the air out of the balloon and pack it away! We are sure this is something they will remember for a long time to come!

A hot air balloon flight is always a real adventure and you never quite know where you will end up. To book your own click here.

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Can you fly a hot air balloon at night?

So long as you land in daylight the answer is yes!

On Sunday we flew from The Globe Inn at Newton St Loe, our hot air balloon launch site on the outskirts of Bath. We left our base near Taunton in the very early hours and arrived at our Bath site at 4am. We met another keen balloonist looking to fly in darkness.

After a final weather check and consultation of a map we decided it was a suitable wind speed and direction to fly at night. We took off at 05.00 and flew for over two hours landing a while after sunrise. We headed South West and landed on the outskirts of Wells. During our flight at 06.10 we climbed to 5,000 ft to watch the sunrise with Bristol and Bath in the distance, It was spectacular.

We then returned to Bath and decided to fly again this time in daylight and right over the city, the home of our sponsors The Bath Distillery. This was the first time our Bath Gin balloon flew over it’s home and the reception we got was incredible. Bath sits in a bowl and you really only get that perspective on a hot air balloon flight over Bath. A beautiful city with its world famous Roman Baths, Pump Rooms and the spectacular Bath Abbey it is one of the finest places to balloon in the UK.

To book a wonderful hot air balloon flight with Fly Away Ballooning click here.

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What is it like to fly in a hot air balloon?


When you arrive at our launch site you will be greeted by Hugo and his crew. We undertake a final weather check using a helium balloon to give us an indication of the wind speed and it’s direction, consult a map and all being well start to set the balloon up. We welcome a helping hand setting up but of course this is optional.

The kit is stored and transported in a trailer, so we first pull the basket out and assemble the burners on top of it. We then flip the basket on it’s side and attach the envelope to the basket. The envelope comes in a big bag so we pull it out down wind laying it on the ground.

With your help we hold the bottom of the balloon envelope open to allow our rather noisy fan to pump cold air into the balloon. This is when you will see it take shape for the first time. We then slowly inflate the balloon by pumping hot air into it.

Take Off

Once the balloon is inflated and standing upright, we are ready for you to hop in and prepare for take off. At this time Hugo will give you simple to follow, clear instructions and talk you through the landing procedure.

We fire up the burners and the balloon gently lifts into the air.

Balloon Flight 

Apart from the occasional whoosh from the burner the flight is peaceful. As you drift along at the same speed as the wind it is quite common to see an array of wildlife – from deer skipping through the tall crops to birds of prey swooping from the trees.

People who are normally afraid of heights do not tend to feel stress during hot air balloon flights. Flying in a hot air balloon is both relaxing and exciting at the same time.


As the flight nears the end, Hugo will look for a suitable landing site, the excitement returns as you line up to land.

A few minutes before the final descent, Hugo will issue landing instructions. He will cause the balloon to gently lose height then the basket will touch the ground and halt. Everyone remains in the basket for a few minutes until the balloon cools down.

Our crew who have constantly tracked the balloon flight and followed in our vehicle will meet us where we land.

How we celebrate ?

With Bath Gin of course!

To book a wonderful and memorable experience with Fly Away Ballooning click here. We offer hot air balloon flights in the South West of England with several locations around Somerset, Devon and Dorset.

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Fly Away Ballooning launch Bath Gin hot air balloon

We have launched our brand new hot air balloon sponsored by Bath Gin.

Our 105,000 cubic ft balloon which can take four passengers plus pilot will be seen flying throughout the South of England and attending every UK hot air balloon event this year including Bristol balloon fiesta and Longleat sky safari in the South West.

We feel this beautiful balloon is the perfect mix of spectacular artwork to bold lettering creating the perfect hot air balloon campaign for our sponsors. A hot air balloon is a flying billboard which is difficult to miss and impossible to ignore. Would you stop, stare and share if it floated passed you?

It has been a 9 month process from our first phone call with Bath Gin to the completion of our wonderful new balloon. It was built by Cameron Balloons in Bristol, the worlds most popular hot air balloon manufacturer.

If you would like to fly in the Bath Gin hot air balloon then please click here.

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Hot air balloon rides near me

Looking for hot air balloon rides near me?

Fly Away Ballooning are based near Taunton, Somerset. This is a prime location for us to cover the South West of England.

We offer hot air balloon flights in Somerset, Devon and Dorset but we are also happy to travel anywhere for our exclusive balloon rides. See our ticket options here. Following industry specific guidance from the DFT we can start flying you from April 12th. Book a hot air balloon ride with Fly Away Ballooning from a selection of locations in the South West and book onto your preferred flight date. Please see a few things you have to look forward to below!

We look forward to welcoming you on a balloon flight soon.

What to look forward to on a hot air balloon ride?

  • The spectacle of a large, beautiful balloon inflating whilst you watch with excitement before hopping in.
  • The unique sensation of floating with the wind whilst flying in the oldest, simplest and yet safest form of aviation.
  • Peacefully drifting above in a moment of serenity as the world carries on beneath your feet.
  • Touching down in an unknown location and topping off your adventure with a complimentary G&T in hand. (soft drinks available)
  • Making memories that last a lifetime

What to bring on a hot air balloon flight?

  • Clothes suitable for a walk in the country, warm comfortable layers
  • Your camera or binoculars as our balloon makes an excellent platform for photography
  • To wear appropriate footwear you don’t mind getting a little dirty

Book now!


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