Weddings & Celebrations

Our Bubbles Celebration Balloon is available all year round for almost any occasion such as Weddings & Festivals, Corporate & Fundraising events or just a private party!

A tethered hot air balloon provides a spectacular backdrop and fabulous entertainment to any event. The quintessentially romantic nature to hot air balloons help to create a magical feel.

We tether the balloon for two hours which can be split into two, one hour tethers. In the early evening our traditional wicker basket with our celebratory balloon will be ready to take guests on short hops. As darkness falls for the second hour our balloon glows under the bright flame from the burners creating an exciting atmosphere and a moment to remember.

Balloons are very photogenic and there are many opportunities for your guests to capture the moment.

There is a non refundable deposit of £660. This is exchanged for a private hot air balloon flight if the weather is not suitable on the day and is valid for 3 years.

Contact us and our experienced team will work with you to bring your dream to reality.

Whatever the day make it magical and bring it to life with our 90ft tall celebration hot air balloon.