Here are the most recent photo’s from the making of our new hot air balloon sponsored by Bath Gin.

As you can see there are three main stages of building a balloon which are printing, cutting and sewing. Our Bath Gin balloon is made from white fabric of which has been run through a printer and had the artwork digitally printed onto it. The bottom half of our hot air balloon is made from ripstop nylon and the top half is hyperlast. We have used hyperlast for the top half as this is where most of the strain and heat is held in a hot air balloon. It should increase the life of our balloon by approximately 250 – 300 hours. About 950 meters of fabric has been used to build the Bath Gin balloon and 9.7 litres of ink to create this stunning looking design. 6 – 8 core staff have been working on it from the design  process right through to rigging which takes place next month.

We cannot wait to be flying the Bath Gin balloon throughout the South West of England and further afield. We offer hot air balloon flights in Bath, Bristol, South Somerset, Devon and Dorset.  #flyfab!