So long as you land in daylight the answer is yes!

On Sunday we flew from The Globe Inn at Newton St Loe, our hot air balloon launch site on the outskirts of Bath. We left our base near Taunton in the very early hours and arrived at our Bath site at 4am. We met another keen balloonist looking to fly in darkness.

After a final weather check and consultation of a map we decided it was a suitable wind speed and direction to fly at night. We took off at 05.00 and flew for over two hours landing a while after sunrise. We headed South West and landed on the outskirts of Wells. During our flight at 06.10 we climbed to 5,000 ft to watch the sunrise with Bristol and Bath in the distance, It was spectacular.

We then returned to Bath and decided to fly again this time in daylight and right over the city, the home of our sponsors The Bath Distillery. This was the first time our Bath Gin balloon flew over it’s home and the reception we got was incredible. Bath sits in a bowl and you really only get that perspective on a hot air balloon flight over Bath. A beautiful city with its world famous Roman Baths, Pump Rooms and the spectacular Bath Abbey it is one of the finest places to balloon in the UK.

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