Fly Away Ballooning have decided to accept Bitcoin payments on all our hot air balloon ride vouchers. We have decided to do this as millennials are especially hip to Bitcoin and if by expanding our payment options we can help promote hot air ballooning to a younger audience we feel it worth while. We also believe that one day cryptocurrencies will become a widely used and adopted form of payment and we think becoming an early adopter of the technology cannot be a bad thing.

Our ethos is very much that we want to cater to any consumer demands and if there is a demand for something we will meet it. Fly Away Ballooning are the first hot air balloon rides operator in the world to accept Bitcoin and the first Somerset based company to do so. If you currently hold Bitcoin and wish to purchase your flight with it then it is as easy for you to do so as using PayPal or making a card payment, both of which we of course still accept.

To see our selection of balloon ride vouchers click here. 

Our season is currently delayed due to the ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic but we are hoping to be back in the air very soon. #flyfab