On Tuesday 20th April we flew our Bath Gin hot air balloon from the edge of Henley-on-Thames. Henley is a town on the River Thames in Oxfordshire set in beautiful countryside near London.

After an 1 hour and 20 minuets in the balloon heading North East from Henley-on-Thames we spotted Peppard Common. This is where we were aiming to land and as we got closer we could hear what sounded like hundreds of children screaming with joy. A few minuets later we noticed cones were laid out on the common  and we quickly realised that we were about to interrupt a PE lesson!

As we landed the kids were extremely excited but very well behaved. The teachers came out with cups of tea whilst we gave the children a basic lesson in hot air ballooning with the balloon still standing in the air behind us.

All the children were more than happy to help us squeeze the air out of the balloon and pack it away! We are sure this is something they will remember for a long time to come!

A hot air balloon flight is always a real adventure and you never quite know where you will end up. To book your own click here.