Vehicle/Trailer Graphics

Hugo spent his Wednesday afternoon using his girlfriends hairdryer to heat up the old original artwork and peel it off! Then after a trip to the Jet Wash in Taunton the vehicle and trailer were clean of artwork and dirt ready to be sign written by Somerset Sign & Print Co. We are very happy with how it has turned out and you are most likely to see this driving around the South West of England after a gorgeous hot air balloon ride. Our new art-worked aluminium alloy trailer keeps our hot air balloon secure and dry whilst it is not in the air. Towed by our reliable and comfortable Toyota Landcruiser Prado which now also promotes Fly Away Ballooning with our stamp on the rear of each side. Supporting a Bath Gin Balloon sticker gives a little teaser of what is to come when people see our trailer turn up to events throughout the country. #FlyFab