When you arrive at our launch site you will be greeted by Hugo and his crew. We undertake a final weather check using a helium balloon to give us an indication of the wind speed and it’s direction, consult a map and all being well start to set the balloon up. We welcome a helping hand setting up but of course this is optional.

The kit is stored and transported in a trailer, so we first pull the basket out and assemble the burners on top of it. We then flip the basket on it’s side and attach the envelope to the basket. The envelope comes in a big bag so we pull it out down wind laying it on the ground.

With your help we hold the bottom of the balloon envelope open to allow our rather noisy fan to pump cold air into the balloon. This is when you will see it take shape for the first time. We then slowly inflate the balloon by pumping hot air into it.

Take Off

Once the balloon is inflated and standing upright, we are ready for you to hop in and prepare for take off. At this time Hugo will give you simple to follow, clear instructions and talk you through the landing procedure.

We fire up the burners and the balloon gently lifts into the air.

Balloon Flight 

Apart from the occasional whoosh from the burner the flight is peaceful. As you drift along at the same speed as the wind it is quite common to see an array of wildlife – from deer skipping through the tall crops to birds of prey swooping from the trees.

People who are normally afraid of heights do not tend to feel stress during hot air balloon flights. Flying in a hot air balloon is both relaxing and exciting at the same time.


As the flight nears the end, Hugo will look for a suitable landing site, the excitement returns as you line up to land.

A few minutes before the final descent, Hugo will issue landing instructions. He will cause the balloon to gently lose height then the basket will touch the ground and halt. Everyone remains in the basket for a few minutes until the balloon cools down.

Our crew who have constantly tracked the balloon flight and followed in our vehicle will meet us where we land.

How we celebrate ?

With Bath Gin of course!

To book a wonderful and memorable experience with Fly Away Ballooning click here. We offer hot air balloon flights in the South West of England with several locations around Somerset, Devon and Dorset.