After your hot air balloon ride you will need to be retrieved. Hot air balloons go with the wind so there is no turning back and landing where you launched, having said this on the odd occasion with box winds balloons can land where they took off.

Once you take to the skies on a hot air balloon ride our crew who help to set up the balloon will then follow us and retrieve us where we land. The vehicle we thought most suited to this job was a Toyota Landcruiser. Landcruiser’s are known for their reliability and this was one of the major deciding factors. The saying goes ‘If you want to go into the bush take a Landrover, if you want to get out again take a Landcruiser’! I did some flying in the Outback a couple of years ago and Landcruiser’s were just about the only vehicles I ever saw. As we offer hot air balloon rides for up to five guests we needed a seven seater and that leaves you with less options when looking for a suitable vehicle. We decided on the LC5 model as it is a little smaller than the Amazon, much better on fuel and it still pulls our fully loaded rig and guests wherever we need to go!

You may have noticed the BFGoodrich All-Terrain tyres, we feel these necessary to get us out of the slightly muddier and wetter fields in the South West especially Somerset and Devon.

We offer hot air balloon flights in Somerset, Devon and Dorset. Please see our ticket options here and we look forward to flying you! #flyfab